30 Day Movie Challenge 2 – Day 23



Day 23: A Movie You Tell People You’ve Seen, But Haven’t (or Haven’t Finished)


Star Wars



Technically, I’ve never actually said that I’ve seen them, but I know people assume I have.  (Mostly, it’s people thinking of me when they see Star Wars stuff, when I’m a trekkie.)

But first, let me explain.

I have seen all of them, or at least most of all of them.  I just never seem to have watched any of them in their entirety or from beginning to end.  I’ll catch it in the middle and watch to the end, or I’ll start and not finish for some reason.  A couple years ago, some friends and I even decided to get together in our pyjamas and watch episodes 4-6 so we could finally say we’ve seen them, but we ended up talking the whole time.

One big thing that proves I’m not to be considered an actual Star Wars fan, is that until last month I thought AT-AT was pronounced as two words instead of four letters.  (I thought it was “at at,” when it’s “ay-tee ay-tee.”)  I wasn’t even corrected by Star Wars, but by Cake Wars.

So, I may have technically seen them, and understand a lot of the references (I’m on team “Han shot first”), but I know for certain that I’ve never seen any of them from beginning to end in one sitting.  (Except episodes 3 and 7.)

Don’t worry — I’m fixing this now.


Is there a movie you tell people you’ve seen, but haven’t (or haven’t finished)?


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