When I Travelled With the Doctor

Photo shoots can be great fun, despite the 35-degree temperatures (about 95 Fahrenheit) x.x . (It made me feel better knowing that while I may have been sweating uncomfortably, “the Doctor” was wearing a wool coat, a hat, and a scarf.)

This shoot was about the Doctor’s companion; the Doctor was more of a prop. We had costumes for the 4th Doctor and the 11th, but we ran out of time for a costume change. (Honestly, I preferred both our outfits that would have been worn after the switch, but maybe that can happen another time…) Despite the fact that the man dressed as the Doctor for the shoot didn’t have curly, bushy hair, but did have facial hair and glasses, we made it work.

And yes, I’ve dyed my fringe pink :) .

A university student is offered the adventure of a lifetime.






“Sunflowers on an alien planet!”


The Doctor explains the liquid planet.






Standing guard as the Doctor works on the alien ship.



As an extra treat, here’s a pic of the three of us eating Sour Patch Kids (“jelly babies”) with our “TARDIS stick”:

Hot weather means that the photographer can stay comfortable wearing a bikini top, while the Doctor wears a coat, hat, and scarf.

My Admiration For the Fourth Doctor

I thought it was awesome, but I’ll spare you the boredom of reading about someone else’s dream.

I have a friend where I live who has a photography hobby. She loves to shoot people (teehee) for fun. She’s always looking for abandoned buildings, especially houses. When I finally did a shoot with her, it turned out a bit different. When she asked me what I wanted to “bring to the table,” I decided that I wanted to be like the Doctor’s companion: in awe of where I was, or totally into the part of being somewhere. My original thoughts on it were just that. I even thought about wearing renaissance clothes in some of the pictures. The final idea was that I WAS the Doctor’s companion.

Ultimately, it was the fourth Doctor‘s outfit that went into the shoot. I was a bit more excited for the eleventh Doctor after the costume change, which didn’t end up happening, but as an admirer of Four, it was fun nonetheless.

I will post pictures from the shoot later, but for now, let’s talk about Four.

Four sharing a jelly baby.
Four sharing a jelly baby.

I’ve watched as much as I’ve been able to find of the original Doctor Who (or, more commonly known these days as “Classic Who” or “Classic Doctor Who”).  While I like each classic Doctor for different reasons, Four stands out above the rest.  It goes far beyond his “all teeth and curls” look, and his iconic 14-foot-long scarf.  He was truly a fun-loving Doctor.  Tom Baker was the first actor portraying the character that really understood that the Doctor is an alien.

Tom Baker was the Doctor from 1974 to 1981.
Tom Baker was in his forties when he played the Doctor from 1974 to 1981.

Four travelled with several companions over the years from all different times and races, including Leela, a tough primitive woman who wore mostly animal skins.  However, Romana II was definitely my favourite.  Romana was a young female Time Lord (that’s right — it’s not “Time Lady” — it’s a species, not a title) who ended up regenerating.  Her first incarnation was a strict rule follower who thought she had all the answers.  After her regeneration, she gave in to being more like the Doctor — a fun-loving adventurer who often bent the rules.  Also, I’ve always thought she looked a bit like Rose Tyler.

Romana in the beginning of my favourite fourth Doctor episode, "The Leisure Hive."
Romana, in the beginning of my favourite fourth Doctor episode, “The Leisure Hive.”

While I have certain Doctors I like more than others, and Four isn’t at the top, I’d still gladly accept if I ever heard him offer me a jelly baby and a ride on the TARDIS.

A throwback as Seven eats a jelly baby.
A throwback as Seven eats a jelly baby.
Twelve offers a jelly baby to a fellow train passenger.
Twelve offers a jelly baby to a fellow train passenger.
Tom Baker in a cameo role in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special from 2013.
Tom Baker in a cameo role in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special from 2013, age 79 at the time it aired.

When I Met the Doctor

The first time I finally went to the Renaissance Festival, it was magical!  We attended every weekend and most of the extra festivities that happened on Saturday evenings at an extra cost.  (If we’d known we’d go more than the first weekend, we’d have saved so much money by buying season passes.)  I bought a beautiful renaissance dress the second weekend.  (Which I later wish I had done a bit differently.  After last year’s purchase, I’m finally satisfied with that outfit.)

One of those nights was a masquerade ball.  The four of us who went had fun shopping for masks.  We were all Whovians, especially the two of us girls.  Before we entered the castle, still taking pictures outside, I saw a man walk by who was dressed as the Doctor.  David Tennant’s Doctor, to be specific.  I pointed it out to my friend, and we were both too excited.

The following poem is based on that night.  It’s the true story up to the asterisk (*), then my imagination took over.


My Night With the Doctor

‘Twas two thousand eleven
at a Renaissance Faire.
The four of us dressed for the occasion
and did up our hair.

That night, there was a Masquerade Ball.
Everyone looked so neat.
We passed a man in a striped brown suit
and white Chucks on his feet.

My friend and I looked at each other in shock.
Could this be true?
Had we just seen the Doctor
with the TARDIS so blue?

As our men stopped to take pictures
of gargoyles and such,
she and I looked for the man
who saves the world with his touch.

“There he is! There he is!”
I excitedly whispered to her.
He was talking to another man
and we didn’t want to be a bother.

We finally headed back inside the castle.
We followed the Doctor closely behind.
When we caught up we said hello
and asked for a picture, if he didn’t mind.

She asked if he was with someone,
but he said he came alone.
It sounded like he’d just lost a friend
when he spoke with that tone.

We were too nervous and excited
to say more than “thank you” and “good-bye.”
But as the night went on,
we wanted to say another “hi.”

As he stood by himself,
on the other side of the room,
we decided we wanted to dance with him
and wanted to soon!

The men who were with us
were fine with it all.
So she finally got up the nerve
and walked across the hall. *

The Doctor accepted her invitation
and they began to waltz.
Not long after they start dancing
the music halts.

Another song began to play,
so they danced again.
I watched in anticipation for my turn;
the excitement hard to contain.

I walked over as the song came to an end.
The band waited for the conductor.
I couldn’t believe it was my turn
to dance with the Doctor.

At first, I was nervous
and stepped out of place,
but he reassured me
and encouraged my grace.

He swept me off my feet.
I utterly adore him.
Now I understand why
his companions fall for him.

I was having a fantastic time.
The music ended far too soon.
I planted a kiss on his cheek,
as it was very opportune.

Before he left, he asked our names.
We answered, “Sasha and Kuri.”
He said they were lovely and waved good-bye,
then a tear made my eyes grow blurry.

At the end of the Ball
there were fireworks outside.
We all chose the back of the crowd
at which to reside.

The show was brilliant,
and just before it ended
we noticed a blue box in the sky,
the man inside contented.

He waved us a farewell;
a new adventure to ensue.
This was my amazing night
with the wonderful Doctor Who.

Sadly, at the same time that Sasha (name changed, as usual) started toward the Doctor to ask him to dance, he left the building. We looked for him all night, but couldn’t find him :( . Him just being there still made our night, especially since that was the first time I’d seen Doctor Who cosplay in person. At the time, the show was barely entering main-stream-geek level in America.

I spoke with some other Whovian friends about it soon after, and they suggested that the Doctor seemed a bit off/sad because it was him right after he’d lost Rose :'( .  It’s so sad, but I’ve forever accepted that explanation.