30 Day Movie Challenge 2 – Day 27



Day 27: A Movie From Your University Years






Yeah, yeah, so I picked Twilight.  It’s not like I said I was a real fan of this saga.

Mostly, I picked it because I have fond memories with friends related to this series, whether it be the movies or the books.  I admit, my first date with Hubby was to the release party at Barnes & Noble for the book Breaking Dawn.  (I’d only heard of the series at the time, but he’d read all the books.  Even at the release party, he complained that fangirls were ruining it.  Also, he was Team Jacob.)

Our hanging out with some couple friends from university always involve Twilight the first few times.  The first time we hung out, we all watched Twilight at our house after dinner.  I think the next time it was the same with New Moon.  Finally, when Breaking Dawn Part 1 was being released, we figured we might as well go see it at the cinema together.




What’s a movie from your university years?


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