30 Day Movie Challenge 2 – Day 19



Day 19: Favourite Subgenre


Super Heroes (Live Action)




We all know the real answer is disaster movies, so I figured I’d expand on something not-so-known.  Though the only comics I was ever able to get my hands on when I was younger was Archie and Friends, I devoured any knowledge I could find about Spider-Man.  I’m not really sure why I liked this hero so much over others when I hadn’t even read his (or any other super hero) comics.

I may not enjoy them all, and feel the sheer number that gets released more and more lessens my anticipation, but I’ve seen them all (the ones released this century).  Good and bad, Marvel and DC, Tobey and Andrew.

Let’s keep in mind that this is about movies, not TV shows.  The shows on the CW and Netflix don’t really pique my interest.  I quit Arrow at the end of season three (and only started watching it because several people told me I had to), and the rest don’t even intrigue me.  (Except Legends of Tomorrow, but I make myself enjoy watching it because of Arthur Darvill.)

But I digress.

While I may have only read a handful of Marvel comics, I have done a bit of reading about characters and storylines, and I’m so glad they’re making movies about them (and that they’re actually made with quality now).

Since X-Men: First Class and The Avengers is taken by another topic in this challenge, I’m going to choose Spider-Man 2 for today.  Sorry, Tobey haters.


What’s your favourite subgenre?


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