Doomsday Zombie Army

Dreams are the best. (Or at least they can be.) Most of the time I love my dreams, but usually it’s just because it’s mine and I watched it happen. Talking about it to someone else, however, usually ends with them responding with little interest.

I thought I’d share this one, though, because it involves my favourite movie (2012) and zombies.

Original picture source unknown.

It started toward the end of the movie when people are settling into the arks. However, unlike the movie, everyone from Ark 3 was immediately boarded to other arks and people gained roommates. I arrived at my room, where Adrian Helmsley had also just arrived as my roomie. (I somehow knew that Anhauser was our other roommate –oh, the drama that could ensue, LOL–, but he wasn’t there.)

Adrian had already left for the bridge, but I soon left to explore, feeling that something was wrong. I soon found out that zombies were quickly approaching the arks and everyone was “battening down the hatches.” I ended up exploring down into the lower decks, not realising that someone who was slowly turning into a zombie was following me. Not yet a zombie, he finally caught up to me and we continued exploring together. Overall, he became increasingly more aggressive. He eventually started actually being after me, but struggling to hold onto his right mind. Right before he lost his mind to the zombie, he purposefully became entangled in a damaged part of the ship and urgently told me to escape.

I headed toward the ark’s gate, suddenly knowing that I had a friend who wasn’t on board yet. I don’t recall if I found that friend, but zombies were at the gate (it was raised a good 15 feet from the ground, so they couldn’t get in) and some people were being thrown out because they were turning into zombies. I had accidentally fallen out and into the rising pool of water below, among the zombies. I don’t remember exactly how and when I found out, but the zombies had incredibly super strength. Although I was scared of them, I was more afraid of not being able to get back onto the ark than I was of the zombies. As I watched one of the zombies approach me, I suddenly realised that they weren’t after us, but wanted to fight for us. (Though against what, I have no idea.)

There it is: my full description of a dream that seemed much longer… and better… Oh, well.