30 Day Movie Challenge 2 – Day 19



Day 19: Favourite Subgenre


Super Heroes (Live Action)




We all know the real answer is disaster movies, so I figured I’d expand on something not-so-known.  Though the only comics I was ever able to get my hands on when I was younger was Archie and Friends, I devoured any knowledge I could find about Spider-Man.  I’m not really sure why I liked this hero so much over others when I hadn’t even read his (or any other super hero) comics.

I may not enjoy them all, and feel the sheer number that gets released more and more lessens my anticipation, but I’ve seen them all (the ones released this century).  Good and bad, Marvel and DC, Tobey and Andrew.

Let’s keep in mind that this is about movies, not TV shows.  The shows on the CW and Netflix don’t really pique my interest.  I quit Arrow at the end of season three (and only started watching it because several people told me I had to), and the rest don’t even intrigue me.  (Except Legends of Tomorrow, but I make myself enjoy watching it because of Arthur Darvill.)

But I digress.

While I may have only read a handful of Marvel comics, I have done a bit of reading about characters and storylines, and I’m so glad they’re making movies about them (and that they’re actually made with quality now).

Since X-Men: First Class and The Avengers is taken by another topic in this challenge, I’m going to choose Spider-Man 2 for today.  Sorry, Tobey haters.


What’s your favourite subgenre?


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Unfruitful Creativity (>.<) — Drawing

11F227-unfruitfulHave you ever been in one of those creative moods where you just suddenly feel creative, whether or not you actually have anything in mind that will use it?

It happens to me all the time.  Like now.

So often over the years, I’ve been in a mood to write, especially with a pen, but I don’t really have any words to write.  So, I end up scribbling on a sheet of paper as if it were words until the mood is gone and I can finally get to sleep.

The worst is when I feel the creative mood to do something at which I’m not skilled.  At all.  Like drawing.  There are times when I’d love to stop and draw, whether an elaborate portrait or a quick comic.  But I suck.

Death Grip frame 3
One frame from my “The EMH” comic strip titled “Death Grip.”

OK, I can’t say I completely suck at the comic part because I had my own Star Trek: Voyager comic strip (plus a couple random ones) going about a decade ago.  But it was more about the silly stories in the comics than the actual art.  I drew the simplest figures I could — especially since I had to redraw them the same over and over.  No hands, and especially no faces.  (I do suck at drawing faces.)  It was great because I could draw every person the same, with one or two minor additions that signified which character it was.  Less hair for the Doctor (the hero of the comic), a face tattoo for Chakotay, forehead ridges for B’Elanna, etc.

Is it because I’m surrounding myself with this type of art and the people who can accomplish it?  Maybe.  I think it’s mostly because I get fangirl’d out, but instead of writing words my brain somehow decides I’ll be able to pull off some elaborate sketch.

What my brain thinks I can draw versus what I actually can draw.  **Exaggeration -- I can actually draw better than that.
What my brain thinks I can draw versus what I actually can draw. **Exaggeration — I can actually draw better than that.

Most of the time, I rechannel the mood to do another creative thing.  Sometimes I ignore the mood until it goes away.  Other times, I browse DeviantArt and realise that I couldn’t even pull off the not-so-accurate (though still great as art) drawings.

What about you?  Do you get cravings to do something creative you can’t do?

If so, how do you satisfy it?

If not, at what sort of creativity do you excel?

Let me know in the comments!

An Unexpected Fandom

I have only very recently become a fan of something that’s considered a staple for geeks.  (I won’t get into the reasons why I had never seen any of the movies nor read any of the books before now.)

Are you ready?  Wait for it…  I’m a new fan of the world of The Lord of the Rings!

What finally opened my eyes to the awesomeness of Tolkien?  The new movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  I saw it and I enjoyed it, sure.  Then, the theatre on base was shutting down and had a Customer Appreciation Day on their last day open.  One of the free showings was this new The Hobbit.  So, I saw it again… and was enthralled!  My entire life I hadn’t been too excited about the fantasy genre (minus The Elder Scrolls and Fable video games, if they’re considered fantasy), but suddenly I was captivated.  I wanted to be in this world with the Dwarves and this lovable Hobbit, and I wanted to know more.


A few nights later, I finally watched the first LOTR movie.  I was thoroughly enjoying it until about two hours in.  There had already been a few parts where I felt like the movie was soon to end, but at this point there was still a whole hour left!  I bore through the rest of the movie, but knew this wasn’t going to ruin the story for me in the long run.

The following Saturday, I watched the other two.  It was brilliant!  I haven’t yet watched them again, but I have seen The Hobbit a few more times :o) (which is a bit ironic since Hubby owns the LOTR trilogy and The Hobbit is still in theatres).


About a week after I think I can say I truly became a fan, I found a book called “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Visual Companion.”  I didn’t see a price, and I always sleep on purchase decisions, so I decided to wait until the next pay day to buy it.  Before I left the store, I read the foreword by Martin Freeman.  I found it so precious (no pun intended) and that’s when I realised that I wouldn’t change my mind about it.  Still, I waited.

Less than a couple of weeks later, a family emergency sent me away from home for nine days.  (I planned on buying the book the next day, but the trip took precedence.)  The day after I returned, I did some shopping with friends, but since we didn’t go into that store I forgot about the book.  Four days later (this past Tuesday), I went there and remembered.  I went to the section of books — and it was gone.  There wasn’t a single copy on the shelves.  Oh, the disappointment!

So, I missed my chance at the movie companion, but I am reading The Hobbit.  It brings joy to my heart and giggles to my face.  I’m in love. n_n