Post-Apocalyptic Dreams Are the “Bomb”!

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I love doomsday movies. Armageddon, 2012, The Core, Volcano, The Day After Tomorrow, Arctic Blast,… Post-apocalyptic are just as great. The Book of Eli, I Am Legend, Planet of the Apes,…

Of course, watching these movies can lead to some fantastic dreams.

The dream I’m going to write about, however, wasn’t necessarily triggered by anything in particular, except for pure random fandom. Although, it was a sort of post-apocalyptic thing, but I don’t think it was on Earth. I also may not remember everything, nor remember it in any particular order, because I had the dream about two weeks ago.

Now without further ado…

Everything was desert-y: the landscape, the huts made of stone and some sort of skins, the sand-coloured clothing, and even everyone’s hair was either blond or brown. I (whatever sort of character I was “playing”) arrived at the camp of a tribe with my sister (who appeared to be only about age seven). (I guess the tribe we came from had been wiped out.)

Some period of time had instantly lapsed because we had already established at least a small acceptance into the tribe. There was some sort of fair going on at the edge of town and my sister was eager to go. I told her I wasn’t sure because I didn’t have the money to spend on much. The chief (whom I kept noticing throughout the dream looked exactly like Michael Shanks) had been nearby and overheard, handed me £160 without a word, then returned to discussing a matter with another tribesman. In shock of what just happened, I handed the money to my sister (though I planned to soon follow), and she immediately ran off to the fair with excitement. I looked over to the chief, surprised that he, personally, would take care of my sister and me.

Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson in “Stargate SG-1”

Another sum of time instantly passed and as I was walking, I saw a blond-haired man holding the hand of a little girl as they walked in my direction. As they got closer, I saw that it was Joey and Michelle, about age 2-3, from Full House. She was eating a cake pop, and when they got to me she held it out. She said, “My daddy won’t let me have this, so you can have the rest.” I smiled, amused, and accepted it, noticing her tiny hands were covered in cake. (Yep – Danny sure wouldn’t have wanted to see that mess, haha.)

Joey and Michelle

More time had passed, and apparently I had made a few friends. There was some sort of celebration happening, and as the chief (to whom I had taken a fancy) and I walked passed the area where dancing was going on, a guy friend (who had taken a fancy to me) called me over to dance. (Let’s call this friend “Derek.”) I hesitated because I didn’t want to lead him on, but I figured there was no harm since it wasn’t slow music. We had fun, even though I didn’t dance very well (just like in real life, haha).

Some time later (maybe a day or two), my sister and I were walking with the chief, who was showing us to a new lake. (It looked more like some sort of small religious man-made pond with the concrete steps and the engravings on the pillars surrounding it.) I saw Jolene Blalock swimming slowly toward the steps, and as she got out of the lake the water level started rising quickly. I picked up my sister to prevent her from drowning, but it continued to rise several feet above our heads. At that point, I thought, Wait a minute. This is a dream; I don’t have to hold my breath. So, I took a deep breath, thought about the emerald and red waters from Ted Dekker’s Circle series of books (where the people breathe the waters), and tossed my sister in the “air” and she did a flip.

–This is where the order and events of the dream become quite foggy.–

The next thing I remember was that I was hanging out with Derek (who, by the way, sort of looked like the first Deputy Andy from Eureka, but was really tall and had a “fluffier” body). We were floating on the edge of a river in a giant hollowed out log. I think it was here that I was at a point where I had to “choose” a man. I felt uneasy around Derek because I didn’t want to choose him, but I knew he hoped I would.

The first Sheriff/Deputy Andy from “Eureka”

The last part I remember was me sitting by the lake with the chief. I told him that I had chosen someone (him, of course — makes sense since Michael Shanks somewhat resembles Hubby in certain ways), but I was nervous about telling Derek that it wasn’t him.

Yep, that’s the end of what I remember of the dream. Although, when I woke up I stayed in bed and was still tired enough that I was able to let the dream continue. I don’t count those parts of the dream because I had some influence ;oP. I couldn’t stop thinking about it the whole next day. If I still wrote stories it would have made a great mini series. Even the way it ended before I completely woke up left it open for a whole new major plot. Oy… But since I can’t write stories based on the dream I figured I’d write about the dream itself.

Years ago, I would do that all the time. I hated to forget anything, including dreams, so I would spend a couple of hours almost every morning writing out in my diary the details of anything remotely awesome I may have dreamt. It greatly contributed to my ability to write — even if it’s not stories that I’m writing.

Fandom Dreams

I woke up normally today and made Hubby his lunch before he left for work. After reading in bed for about 45 minutes, I was in a curl-up-in-a-ball mood. Naturally, I fell back asleep doing so completely under the covers. I woke up again at 11.30 (about four hours later), but not before having one of the best dreams I’ve had in a long time. It involved the video game Skyrim, the TV show Eureka, a bit of Thor, and of course real life.

I wasn’t actually *me* for most of the dream; just the real life and parade parts.

It started with me playing Skyrim, but I was my character instead of actually me playing. I came across an awesome half-sunken building (I don’t remember what the inside looked like, but the outside seemed Dwemer) in a huge pond that was waist deep. (This ended up being my house.) There was a male Nord character there with shoulder-length hair and a braid and when I spoke with him he mentioned my Amulet of Mara and I thought, “Finally! Someone who seems worthy to marry my character!” So they got married, and I had her tell him she wanted to be a mother, so they took care of that in the pond; this part was all completely hidden and more implied, like The Sims or even Fable without the noises. (What was weird was you needed four people to be able to get pregnant, but I just completely ignored those random characters that showed up.)

In the next part, I (still my Skyrim character) was in a Suburban-type vehicle with Allison, Fargo, and two other people (I think Henry and a mix of Carter and some old guy) from Eureka, and Allison and I were both very pregnant. We’d just stopped at a gas station and everyone got out while the driver (Carter) got the vehicle situated at the pump (big vehicle pulling a large trailer and pushing a small car). When he was finally done, I went to the pump since there were a lot of large surrounding objects, because for some reason part of me wanted to hide my pregnancy. Henry was closest to me and some kind of short conversation occurred, then my pregnancy came up and he asked what happened. It came out then. Apparently, I (still my Skyrim character) had had a boyfriend in Eureka and when he went missing (the word used in my dream, but he had died) I ran away to Skyrim and it was the next day that I’d found a husband there.

Another part of the dream, sadly forgotten, happened here that involving some guy being after me for some reason, I think involving the baby. I want to say the way he looked physically was most like a Dark Elf, but I’m not sure that he was a Skyrim character.

In the next part, still pregnant, I was at the top of a short cliff (about 50 feet or so), and a battle was going on below involving Nords. There was a lot of brush and trees at the bottom of the cliff and one dead, but hearty, branch lead up to the top. Suddenly, I saw my Nord husband climbing up, seemingly wounded but maybe just needing rescue. He could almost make it to the top, but he stopped and reached up his hand; the expression on his face was like he was going to die if he didn’t make it to the top. I reached back, when suddenly Thor was next to me, also reaching back and shouting, “Father!!” (It’s so funny thinking about that part because it’s like a cheesy movie where a guy is in agony because he can’t save his dad from drowning in an obviously shallow pool of water. It also wasn’t Odin; he just happened to be Thor’s dad.) Then, my thought was, “OMG, I married a king?!”

Next, it was fairly dark outside and a parade was going on. I (finally actually starting to be real me; it was like a short morphing process at this point) was just coming up to it and saw a couple advertising floats (I remember the giant inflatable Lowe’s logo). Then, I was part of the crowd, but we were moving and couldn’t even see the parade (or maybe I just didn’t care) and it seemed more like we were inside a blimp-like float. Hubby and I were sitting, talking to Fargo and someone else in front of us, there was a camera guy standing to my left, and Joe* (main sound man at our church back home) was walking around overseeing things. (Hmm… So maybe I was in the control room instead of the crowd.) In the conversation, something came up where we said we weren’t having kids. Not long afterwards, Hubby referred to Mark* and Steph* (our favourite couple friends) as something like “the keepers of our children” and Fargo was all confused and said, “I thought you guys didn’t want kids.” We laughed and I explained who Mark* and Steph* were and that we call their girls our kids. He didn’t get it, and you could tell by the goofy expression on his face.

*Real life names have been changed for protection purposes.

Sadly, that was the end of my awesome dream. If you didn’t think it was awesome, that doesn’t matter to me; I frickin’ loved it! Any dream that involves a lot of Skyrim… plus a Marvel character andthe TV programme I’m into at the moment… is alright with me!

Oh, and needless to say, but I’m going to anyway, I was really in the mood to play Skyrim today, which I did for maybe five hours. I didn’t find a suitable spouse for my character, but I bought land for a second build-able house and my daughter (Dorthe) brought home a pet fox. And I also defeated the Imperials… you know, in my spare time… ;o)

This is not actually my character — just a picture I googled.