It’s Friday!


Sorry for my lack of posts recently.  A lot of stuff has happened to mess with my routine.  I actually started many posts, but I just haven’t finished them.  Now that things are more back to normal (minus the fact that I still have a dog — oh yeah, I have a dog now) I may start posting more again.  No promises, though.

The End of the World


Welp… we’ve now come upon the day supposedly predicted to be the end of the world. Either the “experts” are wrong, or they never discovered the part where we first get transported to the year 5.5/Apple/26.


To this day, that is still one of my favourite Doctor Who episodes. We’ve barely just met this Doctor and, through the eyes of Rose, learn that he’s now the last of his kind. (My guess is that it was at the end of the war that he regenerated into 9; whatever the final blow he was chosen to do that allowed him to live had still physically killed him. Just a side note, but moving on now.) He’s become a bit grumpy, but still lives to save his beloved humans. After finally accepting Rose as a companion at the end of the previous episode, he needs her to understand “this is who I am.”


So, as your “Day of Doom” comes to a close, remember the 900-year-old Doctor when he showed us that we do, indeed, survive.



Neither so I believe this one, but I find it amusing.

Birthday Geek


No, the title of this entry doesn’t mean that it’s my birthday. (Although, it is this upcoming Tuesday!) I mentioned in a post back in October that it was a certain director’s birthday, and stated that I’m a bit of a birthday geek. Since December is one of the months with, like, a hundred birthdays, I thought I’d write about it now.

I’m a stalker by no means! I just happen to know things. IMDb is my current main source of knowledge. When I see someone in a movie or an episode of a TV programme, and I know I’ve seen their face somewhere before, I go to IMDb to help me remember. Birth/death dates are usually listed if the information is available. IMDb is how I know things like Jeremy Renner has the same birthday as Hubby (7 January), Christopher Eccleston is exactly two months older than my dad (16 February, 1964), and Don S. Davis (General Hammond from Stargate SG-1) died back in 2008 :o(.

General Hammond

Of course, I didn’t always have IMDb at my disposal, but I still seemed to know everyone’s birthday. Sometimes while watching TV with my mum (I got this birthday geek thing from her), we would come across ET (Entertainment Tonight) and we would watch the end when they mention that day’s celebrity birthdays.

Today? It’s Ted Raimi’s birthday (best known for his role in Xena: Warrior Princess as Joxer). This birthday info in my brain is special: it’s directly from him to me! Back in 2005, I wrote him a fan letter via e-mail and included the inquiry about his birthday. (This was before I discovered IMDb.) He responded (which was exciting enough) and included his birthday (which just added the excitement that it’s only four days before mine).

Joxer the Mighty

I used to be so good at remembering birthdays that I would make the joke that 20 years from now I may not remember your name, but by golly I will remember your birthday! “Hey, er… 18 December! How are you?”

No longer am I quite that good. One day, after I did finally discover IMDb, I randomly ended up on a birthday rampage! I looked for the birthdays of a couple of actors, but then explored a bit and ended up writing down three pages worth of birthdays. Trying to learn all of them in such a short period of time overloaded my brain and short circuited part of the birthday geek section. Not only did I learn few to none of the birthdays from that day, but I also forgot some I had known before and mostly lost my ability to remember birthdays like a photographic memory.

I am still good at remembering birthdays and other dates, but I’m only at about 70-90 percent my old self. Though Facebook can be a help where my memory falls short, it can also be frustrating when a friend doesn’t believe that I remembered their birthday without Facebook’s help :o(.

Now for the December birthdays! (Only from my head; no cheating and looking any up. No names of people I know, as usual.)

9- Mother-in-law
10- Former co-worker
11- High school classmate
13- Sis-in-law
13- Dick van Dyke
14- Ted Raimi
15- Garrett Wang
16- Two high school classmates
16- My “niece” (friend’s 2nd daughter; her 1st birthday!)
16- My “niece”s real aunt
17- Friend from previous church
18- Me!
18- Two high school classmates
18- Steven Spielberg
18- Christina Aguilera
18- Brad Pitt
19- Two Trekkie friends
20- Former co-worker
23- Martin Kratt
25- Jesus (observed)
25- Friend from previous church
26- High school classmate
27- Former co-worker
31- High school classmate

(I know there are still many that I’m forgetting…)


Years ago, my favourite numbers were 2 and 47.

“2” was because when I needed to create a new email address about 11 years ago, my name was taken, so I chose to put a “2” at the end.  (That email address is no longer in commission.)  It became my username for most websites.  I saw that number so often that eventually I sort of fell in love with it.

“47” is a number purposefully put everywhere in Star Trek shows, books, and movies.  I once found an article that explained why “47” is special, and it was the reason that it is used so often in Star Trek.  (I don’t remember what all the details were, but basically it came out to “all numbers equal 47.”)

I have favoured other numbers in the past for different reasons, but they are frivolous to this blog entry.

One day, I decided that with 2 and 47 being my favourite numbers, then 247 is awesome as it’s both of them together!  Eventually, 247 even succeeded its “parents” as my favourite number.

Being the dork that I am, I point out, or just smile, every time that I see my favourite number.  On license plates, the time, mile markers, pretty much anything, though I rarely allow “24/7” to count.

Why a whole post on my favourite number?  Not only because I’m a dork that way, but because this blog has reached 247 all-time views.  (It’s not much in general, but a lot for having not promoted by blog in any way including Facebook.)

I’ll end with five occurrences of 247.

1.  The cable channel number of the local weather where I lived in Oklahoma was 247.  (It was “24/7 local weather.”)

2. 247°F is the name of an R-rated 2011 American B movie.  In this movie, four friends travel to a lakeside cabin for a weekend holiday, when three of them end up locked in a sauna.  “Every minute counts and every degree matters as they fight for their lives in the heat up to 247°F.”  (Quote from IMDb brief summary.)

3. The Boeing 247 was an American passenger aeroplane that entered service in 1933.  It was faster than that year’s premier fighter plane, the Boeing P-12.

4. 247drums is a drum shop in Winchester, Massachusetts, where you can buy, rent, and trade to your drummer heart’s content!  And for those who want to learn to play, they offer free video classes on their website!

5.  Hmm… how about just some pictures of the number?

Do you see it?! :o)

Some screenshots from online games I’ve played:

Fluorescent Lights vs Kitty Power

What is it about him? Is it his chill nature?  His sarcasm?  The way he knocks his buddy around like a little brother?  The fact that he hates Mondays, loves to eat, and will stay curled up in his bed all hours of the day?  Why do we love him so much?

I am, of course, talking about Garfield; that fat, old, lazy cat schemed in the mind of Jim Davis.


I’ve always enjoyed the Garfield comic strip — almost like it was born in me.  I don’t even remember a time before I knew who was Garfield.  I do remember when I got a chance to really enjoy the comic.  It was at the library where I lived when I was a pre-teen; they had many books of Garfield comics.  I checked them all out (not all at once), and eventually “got to” keep one.  (It was lost for a long enough period of time that the overdue fines ended up paying for it.)  It made me so happy to read so many short (and some actually book-long) adventures with this lazy little cat (or do I mean “big”?) who does nothing but treat the world as would a half-grumpy old man.  (This was also when I started dotting my “I”s with circles like Jim Davis does.)  I even drew a couple of my own Garfield strips.  (Sorry, I can’t find them to share with you. I think my old art folder is still in a box I left in my parents’ attic…)

The evolution of Garfield

I had some things I could have done today, but when I saw the library I decided I could use a break. I went straight for the adult fiction section, to a book I’ve been considering reading by my favourite author, but not until I finish the series I started. After looking it over a bit, I instead decided I wanted to finish the last series book I have yet to read. I read the prologue and couldn’t continue. It’s a great series by a great author, but the low fluorescent lights in the building were already starting to bother me. So instead of continuing to read at the moment (I have the series at home, after all), I wandered around just to pass some more time.

Garfield laptop skin

I happened across a comic section, and in browsing it I found some Garfield books. Ah, memories. I decided on one to start looking at, but would probably take it home –where I don’t have fluorescent lights– to finish later. I sat in one of the “comfy” chairs, kept turning pages with laughs (quiet ones, of course) and ended up finishing the book. Yes, the lights still bothered me, but for some reason I was able to carry on easily through the book.

I grabbed a couple more to check out before I left to grab some actual sunlight.

The strip that was printed the day I was born. Reminds me of my pillow sometimes :oP

So, to answer the question at the beginning: I think we love him for all of those things. He says what we all want to say at times. “No, I don’t want to get out of bed today — now go make me a sandwich!” We would love to stay in bed all day, finish the entire lasagna, and smack into the table the face of anyone who comments on our weight. Since there are repercussions for such things in the real world, we’ll just watch our favourite orange, fat cat — *SMACK* *BLAT* Ow! Sorry, Garfield — do it for us.

(Andrew) Garfield, LOL

Why the Past Can’t Move On

The title of this entry has more than one meaning for me, but both pertain to the subject of writing stories.

I’ve always loved to write.  I’ve kept a diary since I was nine and I’ve written stories since the fourth grade.  Granted, they weren’t always good, but I loved to do it nonetheless.  Even the part about reading my stories months or years later and making improvements.

Ooooold myspace logo. Now it’s “a place for music pirates and porn addicts.” :o(

Long story short, way back when MySpace was still popular over Facebook, I’d had a few Star Trek character profiles that I would RP (Role Play) with.  I would RP with others as well as just between my own characters.  I was part of a group of RPers we called “Omega” (with the symbol).  The stories we came up with were amazing — at least to us!  Battles with the Borg, character-based stories (my favourite to write), even mingling with the mirror universe a bit.  (Some characters did inter-programme RPing.  Star Trek with Star Wars, Doctor Who, X-Men, or Stargate were the ones I came across the most.  I only bothered to keep it Star Trek.)  I’d say most other RPers would write across a span of years, while I wrote in real time.  If I’d written something a week ago, it was a week ago in the story.  (But toward the end, I skipped about year for the sake of getting to a certain point.)

At first, my RPG (Role Playing Game) writing style was very skeletal and lacking.  However, as the months went on and I wrote more and RP’d with others, my RPG writing became more full, fluent, and robust.  (I went from one line interactions to “multi-para RPing.”)

Oh, and the stories!  I loved my characters as though I’d created them myself.  (Though I did create a few.)

Scarlett Pomers — one of my favourite pictures I used for Mara Wildman

OK, the intro was way longer than I’d intended, so let’s get to the point of this entry.

About a week ago, I turned on one of my old laptops to find that it decided to work again.  (Funny how technology can sometimes get sick and then heal itself.)  After having thought about them for the past couple of days, I found all those RPGs on that computer and started reading.  It was embarrassing in the beginning with the complete lack of complexities, but it got better quickly.  But even in the earlier stories, I would get so excited reading because of how much I loved writing them, developing the characters, and the evolution of the “big picture.”

To this day, there’s still a soft spot in my heart for Vorik.  He and my character Mara (rhymes with “Sara”) Wildman were my pride and joy.

I started thinking while reading that how I’d done the stories, Vorik should be going through his pon farr, like, now!  (Five years after the last story ended.)  I started thinking about what my characters might be up to now.  I don’t want to write any new stories, but I started writing down brief notes to update.  I did some research to decide that the ship Vorik and his family are on is the USS Magellan, galaxy class.  In my research, I was reminded of The Path to 2409.  I’d started reading it when Star Trek Online had just come out (though I haven’t had the chance to play yet), but it wasn’t finished.

As I was reading a summary of it, I realised that a majority of my stories could definitely not be canon.  (Though STO isn’t officially canon, I heard somewhere that it’s generally accepted as such.)  According to The Path, in 2385 “Starfleet Command decides to dismantle its Borg Task Force, believing the Borg threat to be minimal following the blow dealt to them by the USS Voyager on her way home.”  Most of my stories revolve around the Borg in some way, and the latter 2/3 of the stories depend on them!  It sort of makes me feel like that part of my life is truly, completely over.  Moving on sucks.

I thought about so much more I could write, like how reading The Path to 2409 made me feel, but that would be another whole entry in itself.

In closing, I’ll leave you with a link to all of these stories.  (Also, a link to a forum post where I shared the stories as questions may be answered in the comments.)  Thankfully, I’d saved everything before MySpace decided it was a good idea to delete most of my character profiles.  I uploaded them to a spare webpage a couple years later.  I honestly don’t expect anyone to actually read them, but I’m going to post it anyway.

Six Years After Voyager‘s Return

Forum post

P.S.  I’ve edited them many times since then, but haven’t uploaded any newer versions; so please ignore any spelling and grammar mistakes!

Days of Nothing

Disclaimer: I don’t have actual medical proof that my “nothing day” theory is true. It’s all simply from what seems to be true after my many experiences of this type.

Have you ever had one of those days when you feel nothing? Just nothing? You also know it’s just today so you don’t waste time thinking there’s no point to life.

Maybe you hang out with or talk to friends, but you feel nothing. Maybe you watch your favourite programme, but you feel nothing. Maybe you even smile and laugh, and mean it, but you just don’t feel it.

For me, today is one of those days. I’m not unhappy or depressed. There’s just no emotion. Like the limbic system (the parts in the brain that are mostly responsible for emotions) decided to take a day off, for the most part. (The hippocampus, in the limbic system, plays a big role in converting short-term memory into long-term memory, but that works just fine.) In this case, however, I know I’ll be just fine tomorrow. I know exactly what caused it.

When I was a teenager (in February of my high school senior year, to be precise), I discovered a link between days like this and recent “emotional overload,” you might call it. One day I would be at an extreme emotional high –usually over a crush or fandom over something–, and the next day I might feel nothing. I made the connection after learning why taking steroids has negative effects on the body. Steroids themselves aren’t bad; they’re a natural thing the body produces. However, when one takes steroids from other sources (especially synthetic ones), their brain realises that there’s too much and it slows, or even stops production. I figured that my brain must have realised there was too much going on in those few-and-far-between instances of that extreme emotional high, and therefore greatly slowed production of those hormones. Thankfully since it was my body that produced so much, it knows to start back up again.

Though my recent episode of that type of high was two days ago instead of yesterday, here I am, remembering why the heck this must have happened to me today. I love the show Doctor Who so much. I’ve been thinking about it a whole lot recently, mostly due to the addictive Trock band Chameleon Circuit. I swear, I only have to listen to them once and three weeks later I’m still waking up with their songs stuck in my head. Anyway, for some reason, I felt so obsessed with the show (especially the first season), even though I don’t think I watched a single episode all day. I did watch G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, which stars Christopher Eccleston, but that’s not Doctor Who.

As I’ve always done on the days I feel nothing, I tried all day to feel something using the thing that made me feel something in the first place. I watched Doctor Who, looked at Doctor Who pictures, and thought about Doctor Who all day, trying to get myself to feel it again. You know, just trying to make sure I’m still alive. But once I remembered why this happened… well, I couldn’t say I was relieved, because that’s an emotion, haha.

Now that the “nothing” day is winding down, I’m starting to get some feeling back in my limbic system. I actually kinda meant that “haha” up there, haha. Ooh, and that one, too!

Good-night, Doctor Who. I think I’ll take an emotional break from you for a little while… and get some actual work done. Haha! :o) (Don’t worry… I’m still going to watch the new episodes as they come out.)