30 Day Movie Challenge 2 – Day 12



Day 12: Favourite Cameo


Hugh Jackman in Night At the Museum: Secret of the Tomb




This is a movie series I’ve adored from the beginning.  I enjoyed how this third and final installment was progressing, when WHAT?! It’s Hugh Jackman!

He and Alice Eve cameo as themselves starring in a Camelot stage play that gets interrupted by one of the museum exhibits.  And of course, what would a comedic Hugh Jackman cameo be without a Wolverine reference?  The whole scene is pulled off brilliantly!



What is your favourite cameo?


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30 Day Movie Challenge 2 – Day 7



Day 7: Favourite Disney Villain


Loki in The Avengers.



The only villain I like.  He’s the only reason this option didn’t get trashed.  I don’t generally like villains, but in The Avengers I was almost rooting for Loki. (Almost!)

Tom Hiddleston as a human being keeps Loki fascinating in my book.  When an actor turns out to not be so great of a person, it makes it hard to still enjoy their great characters.  Hiddleston is awesome.  He’s respectable, a gentleman, and great at what he does.


A man created these pie charts… then, a woman corrected it.


Who is your favourite Disney villain?


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30 Day Movie Challenge 2 – Day 5



Day 5: A Movie That Makes You Happy


The Impostors




I don’t even really know why I love this movie so much.  It’s definitely a love-it-or-hate-it movie.  Normally when I watch a movie with this type of absurdly ridiculous humour, I get angry that someone’s brain spewed such nonsense and called it funny.  But here, there’s something about this movie that changes it from an absolute no-no to I’m-just-going-to-dance-around-the-room-and-smile-until-it’s-over.  (Unless my least favourite scene is on — then I am angry at the absurdity, haha.)

Maybe it’s the comedic pairing of Oliver Platt and Stanley Tucci.  Perhaps it’s Steve Buscemi’s suicidal character whose name is ironically “Happy.”  Maybe it’s how all the stories get tied together by the end of the movie.  Maybe I just happened to rediscover it at the tail-end of the time in my life when I might consider this sort of stupid humour as actually being funny.

While it’s a mix of a bunch of reasons, I’m convinced it’s mostly the last point.  It also wouldn’t have been possible without the first.  I love Platt and Tucci as actors, and their characters in this movie are absolutely adorable with their child-like innocence.


Source: manueluv.tumblr.com


What movie makes you happy?


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30 Day Movie Challenge 2 – Day 1



Day 1: Best New Movie You Saw Last Year


The Martian



There’s no debating this choice.  Science, Mars, potatoes, and Matt Damon.

I’m not going to delve too deeply into this movie, because I’ve talked about it a bit in previous blogs (here and here).  I am, however, going to highly recommend it, again.

And conclude with a shameless plug for The Mars Generation 😇.


What’s the best new movie you saw last year?


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Potatoes and Matt Damon

Credit: @TheMarsGen on Twitter.

Today, I’m participating in a fundraiser event for The Mars Generation.  The participants in the event are basically “stranded on Mars,” and have to ration ten medium-sized potatoes and sixteen ounces of water for the twenty-four-hour period.  (The whole thing can totally be done during one’s daily routine, and you don’t have to follow it.)  The participation takes place on Twitter, where we Martians not only help spread the word to raise money, but can also earn more perks like ketchup, coffee, and more water.

Check out info on the event with the hashtag #PotatoChallenge on Twitter, and at the following webpages:


Now that that important passion is mentioned, onto the fandom stuff.


If you haven’t seen The Martian yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!  IT’S AWESOME!

I’ve seen the movie twice, and am currently reading the book.  Still “currently” because toward the end of the book I’m reading as little as possible — I don’t want it to end!

Though I don’t know any differently, I think Matt Damon was perfect for the part of movie Mark Watney.  To keep this post from getting too long, I’ll just let you figure it out for yourself.  Although, I’m sure that it also mostly has to do with my new fandom obsession with Matt Damon as an actor.  I watched The Monuments Men yesterday with Hubby.  It was a great movie with an all-star cast, including Matt Damon.

Credit: roadside-attraction.com
Credit: roadside-attraction.com

Right now, I’m sitting at Starbucks doing homework.  I’ve made some good progress on it, but now I want to take a break to watch a movie.  The Bourne Identity, to be specific.  The internet connection here isn’t having it.  Boo.  I’ve only seen the trilogy once, after seeing The Bourne Legacy several times, because of the fandom obsession both Hubby and I had over Jeremy Renner in 2012.  Actually, it was the exact same situation with the Mission Impossible series of movies, haha.  I only saw the trilogy once after a lot of Ghost Protocol views.

Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy. Credit: collider.com

Anyway, I guess Jason Bourne will have to wait until I get back home.  Until then, I’ll make some more headway in astronomy class, eat potatoes, post to Twitter, and listen to the Christmas music playing in Starbucks.

2015 red cups. Credit: news.starbucks.com

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My Mind is Blown. I’m Dead Now.

I’m finally all packed to go home tomorrow.  This bed I’ve been sleeping in for the last month is so hard.  I didn’t realise how hard until tonight.  I barely entered sleep when I was awakened, and have been kept from falling back to sleep, by feeling someone walking in the house.

But, I’ve had my mind blown several times in a short span of time by IMDb while trying to ignore the subtle stomping.


I only went to confirm that John Krasinski (Jim from The Office, which I’ve been watching a lot in the last few days) is married to Emily Blunt. (1) He is. (2) Her birth name is Emily Olivia Leah Blunt, and “Emily” and “Olivia” are my two favourite female names! (3) Frickin’ Stanley Tucci is married to her sister. (4) His middle name is “Oliver,” and I love that name!  (I would say it’s my favourite male name, but it’s not something I’d name a person; that’s probably why I gave that name to my vintage bicycle, LOL.) (Also, I love the name “Olivia” because of the name “Oliver.”)

Aww, look! So precious!
Aww, look! So precious! 😱💖

Bonus: (5) At 6’3″, John Krasinski is the shortest of his siblings; his brothers being 6’6″ and frickin’ 6’10”.

Now that my mind has been blown enough times from cool info and personal coincidence, I’m dead.  I should be able to sleep soundly now. 😏

My Admiration For the Fourth Doctor

I thought it was awesome, but I’ll spare you the boredom of reading about someone else’s dream.

I have a friend where I live who has a photography hobby. She loves to shoot people (teehee) for fun. She’s always looking for abandoned buildings, especially houses. When I finally did a shoot with her, it turned out a bit different. When she asked me what I wanted to “bring to the table,” I decided that I wanted to be like the Doctor’s companion: in awe of where I was, or totally into the part of being somewhere. My original thoughts on it were just that. I even thought about wearing renaissance clothes in some of the pictures. The final idea was that I WAS the Doctor’s companion.

Ultimately, it was the fourth Doctor‘s outfit that went into the shoot. I was a bit more excited for the eleventh Doctor after the costume change, which didn’t end up happening, but as an admirer of Four, it was fun nonetheless.

I will post pictures from the shoot later, but for now, let’s talk about Four.

Four sharing a jelly baby.
Four sharing a jelly baby.

I’ve watched as much as I’ve been able to find of the original Doctor Who (or, more commonly known these days as “Classic Who” or “Classic Doctor Who”).  While I like each classic Doctor for different reasons, Four stands out above the rest.  It goes far beyond his “all teeth and curls” look, and his iconic 14-foot-long scarf.  He was truly a fun-loving Doctor.  Tom Baker was the first actor portraying the character that really understood that the Doctor is an alien.

Tom Baker was the Doctor from 1974 to 1981.
Tom Baker was in his forties when he played the Doctor from 1974 to 1981.

Four travelled with several companions over the years from all different times and races, including Leela, a tough primitive woman who wore mostly animal skins.  However, Romana II was definitely my favourite.  Romana was a young female Time Lord (that’s right — it’s not “Time Lady” — it’s a species, not a title) who ended up regenerating.  Her first incarnation was a strict rule follower who thought she had all the answers.  After her regeneration, she gave in to being more like the Doctor — a fun-loving adventurer who often bent the rules.  Also, I’ve always thought she looked a bit like Rose Tyler.

Romana in the beginning of my favourite fourth Doctor episode, "The Leisure Hive."
Romana, in the beginning of my favourite fourth Doctor episode, “The Leisure Hive.”

While I have certain Doctors I like more than others, and Four isn’t at the top, I’d still gladly accept if I ever heard him offer me a jelly baby and a ride on the TARDIS.

A throwback as Seven eats a jelly baby.
A throwback as Seven eats a jelly baby.
Twelve offers a jelly baby to a fellow train passenger.
Twelve offers a jelly baby to a fellow train passenger.
Tom Baker in a cameo role in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special from 2013.
Tom Baker in a cameo role in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special from 2013, age 79 at the time it aired.

All the Feels For Robin Williams

No humour found in this post is unintended.


I don’t want to believe it’s happened. I’ve been punched right in the feels. Feels about it and feels for him. (His family included.)


I just… I can’t….


I can’t even look at him while I write this, so I’m using other fandom GIFs.


I think I was born knowing the name Robin Williams.  From Popeye and Mork and Mindy (reruns, obviously), to Hook and Mrs. Doubtfire, to his stand-up routines and Night At the Museum, he’s been a part of my life all my life.


It’s been about 52 hours since I heard the news, but I still can’t get over it.  It’s not just that he’s gone, but also how he’s gone.


I’ve been there with pain.  I’ve had depression; there were many times that everything hurt so much I thought death was the only relief.  I’ve also been just so stressed and overwhelmed with life that I don’t want to do it anymore.  I’ve had friends attempt suicide, and then there are those who succeed…


He was the funniest man in the world, but his heart was breaking.


I’m OK. It’s just too soon to watch videos/movies with him, and too recent to forget for more than a minute.


And I’m just expressing myself here as therapy.




Fandom Thoughts (a fangirl diary) #1

Because fandom feels are real, too.

Loss of a Beloved Character
(or Little Brother Replaces Granddad)


My recently found appreciation for Woody Harrelson as an actor (and raw vegan!) got me to finally start watching Cheers. (Although I’d seen advertisements nearly my whole life, knew the theme song, and was familiar with the characters, I’d never actually watched an entire episode.) This was right before Christmas holiday, and I only saw about 5-10 episodes before we left. However, I quickly learned that it would be a while before I saw the characters portrayed by Kelsey Grammer, Woody Harrelson, and Kirstie Alley, and that the guy who played Coach (Nicholas Colasanto) would die in 1985 at the young age of 61.

After returning from holiday and continuing to watch, I quickly grew fond of Coach and got sadder and sadder as time went on, knowing his time drew near. I started to think that Woody Harrelson’s character would show up after Coach was gone, and for once I would be sad to see him. I was right, at least about the first half. One day Woody Boyd walks into Cheers looking for Coach and Sam tells him that Coach passed away a couple of months prior. Woody is then hired on to take Coach’s place as a bartender. I wasn’t upset by that at all; in real life one would have to hire someone to replace a deceased employee. Despite the fact that the two characters share a similar off-knowledge sort of humour (Woody’s being innocent and Coach’s more absent-minded), I don’t believe Woody is supposed to truly replace Coach.

For a few episodes, I was super sad any time I thought about Coach, even sometimes just seeing Woody and knowing Coach would have been standing there. It didn’t take long, however, to realise how adorable Woody is and it really helps soften the blow of the loss.

I don’t really know how to give this a good conclusion, but writing about it was nicely therapeutic.

30 Day Movie Challenge

I don’t know how the current weather is for you, but the area where I live has had a sudden temperature drop below freezing with a threatening snow storm this weekend. That sounds like perfect weather to make some hot chocolate and cuddle up on the couch with a great movie!

I recently came across this 30 Day Movie Challenge from TheaterThoughts.com, posted last year. Basically, every day for thirty days you watch a different type of movie based on your tastes. Get ready for movie night x 30!

While it would be perfectly fine to fill out the list as you go through the month, I’m doing it all at once for the sake of the blog.

30 Day Movie Challenge

Day 01 – The best movie you saw during the last year: (I’m assuming this means new movie) Now You See Me
Day 02 – The most underrated movie: The Impostors
Day 03 – A movie that makes you really happy: Last Holiday
Day 04 – A movie that makes you sad: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Day 05 – Favourite love story in a movie: Made of Honor
Day 06 – Favourite made-for-TV movie: Stargate: Continuum
Day 07 – The most surprising plot twist or ending: Angel’s Dance
Day 08 – A movie that you’ve seen countless times: All of my favourites ;o), but for the sake of the challenge, Spider-Man 2
Day 09 – A movie with the best soundtrack: Home Alone
Day 10 – Favourite classic movie: Mary Poppins
Day 11 – A movie that changed your opinion about something: Vegucated (documentary)
Day 12 – A movie that you hate: Up
Day 13 – A movie that is a guilty pleasure: The Impostors (this duplicate couldn’t be avoided)
Day 14 – A movie that no one would expect you to love: Red Dawn
Day 15 – A character to whom you can relate the most: Andy Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada (fashion-wise)
Day 16 – A movie that you used to love, but now hate: First Knight (my dislike for this particular Lancelot grew too much to continue enjoying the movie)
Day 17 – A movie that disappointed you the most: Eragon
Day 18 – A movie that you wish more people would’ve seen: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Day 19 – Favourite movie based on a book/comic/etc.: The Three Musketeers (1993)
Day 20 – Favourite movie from a favorite actor/actress: Jeremy Renner in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Day 21 – Favourite movie from a newcomer: Lindsey Lohan in The Parent Trap (back when she was a newcomer… and clean)
Day 22 – Favourite documentary: Forks Over Knives
Day 23 – Favourite animation: Toy Story
Day 24 – Favourite foreign film: (I’ll assume foreign to America) The Decoy Bride
Day 25 – The most hilarious movie you’ve ever seen: Rocketman (the first time I saw it as a kid)
Day 26 – A movie that you love, but everyone else hates: The Terminal
Day 27 – A movie that you wish you had seen in theatres: Inception
Day 28 – A movie you still don’t understand: 2001: A Space Odessey
Day 29 – A movie from your childhood: Beethoven
Day 30 – Your favourite movie of all time: 2012 (JUST “2012“… Not 2012: Ice Age or 2012: Doomsday.)