About This Blog

About this blog:
Technically, “fandomitis” refers to someone caring so much about a particular subject or actor that they’ll love a terrible piece of media featuring it/him/her.  Say, someone is such a huge fan of Eric Bana that they love the 2003 Hulk movie.  They don’t care how terrible the film really is, they love it simply because Eric Bana is in it.  (Sorry — personal opinion.  I thought it was horrid.)

This blog is NOT about that.

It’s about nerds being nerds.  (Though the technical word that should be used in this case is “geek.”)  As was brilliantly put by David Ivy, co-host of Trekcast, we nerds don’t just become fans of something, we get naked and bathe in it.  Just watching a movie doesn’t cut it for us; we need to blog about it, make music videos about it, write songs about it, draw it, podcast about it, eat-sleep-and-breathe it!

This blog is about my journey through life, carrying my nerdiness right along with me… even if it’s not about “nerd” stuff.

About any stories I may post:
I’m not technically supposed to write anymore (personal and complicated reasons), but at rare times, when I feel artistic in my thoughts or fandom, I may disobey that rule and write out dialogue only.  I no longer write full-on stories; I only write out simple dialogue for the sake of me remembering.

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