About Me

My name is Kuri.  (Pronounced “KOO-ree,” but everyone calls me “KR-ree” because it’s easier.)  It’s the Japanese word for “chestnut,” which has the symbolic meaning of “prosperity.”

I absolutely love my red hair — no matter to what shade I decide to alter it — and my blue eyes have brought me many compliments.  I’ve been a Trekkie all my life, and a major Whovian since 2007.  My life is about God and music, but I often dabble with mild obsessions such as British television, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, learning new languages, and The Elder Scrolls and Fallout video game series.  No matter what, my love for music always gets somehow entangled with all those mild obsessions, too.

I’ve kept a diary since I was nine, so my entries tend to be long and very detailed — I don’t like to forget anything!  However, I always spend more time going over my posts than writing them.  This is not only to make sure I have all grammar, spelling and punctuation correct (and no, I don’t miss a lot of spelling — I just don’t spell in American English), but also to cut out any useless junk to keep the posts from being longer than they need to be.

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