30 Day Movie Challenge 2 – Day 22



Day 22: A Movie You Feel Didn’t Live Up to the Hype


Guardians of the Galaxy


Credit: masterherald.com



Before everyone starts leaving hate comments, let me explain.

I didn’t see this movie until it had been released on DVD.  By then, everyone had been raving about how brilliant it is and how I HAVE to see it.  I thought, “OK, it must be pretty gosh darn amazing then!”

THAT was the hype it had to live up to.

I also looked forward to seeing the movie that made Karen Gillan shave her head.  Somewhere along the line of awaiting the movie, I was led to believe she would be the main villain.  Obviously, I was disappointed to find she wasn’t.

Karen Gillan, before and after shaving her head. Credit: telegraph.co.uk
Karen Gillan, before and after shaving her head.
Credit: telegraph.co.uk

I’d only seen one trailer, and knew nothing of the comics, so I couldn’t even think “well, at least it was true to canon.”

Lastly, I’ve only seen it the one time.

I fully acknowledge that my disappointment with Guardians of the Galaxy has nothing to do with the movie itself, but rather with what I was made to believe about the movie before I saw it.

And now it’s time I gave it another chance.


What movie do you feel didn’t live up to the hype?


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One thought on “30 Day Movie Challenge 2 – Day 22”

  1. The Firm. My wife and I had both read the John Grisham book, and both loved it. We were so excited to see the movie. But as we watched, we were both looking at each other and thinking, “What book did they read??” Because there was virtually no similarity to the book. Almost everything was different. Very disappointing movie!

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