30 Day Movie Challenge 2 – Day 20



Day 20: Last Movie You Saw In a Cinema


Captain America: Civil War


Credit: blastr.com
Credit: blastr.com


Before this movie, I knew nothing about the civil war from the comics except that there were FAR more superheroes involved than in the movie.  I’d chosen to be #TeamIronMan, simply because he had more heroes on his side that I would consider favourites, haha.

While watching, I was understanding of both sides, so I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, choose a side.


*SPOILER IN THIS PARAGRAPH* My only thing about Iron Man’s reason for not wanting to fight anymore was, in a way, negated in this fight.  There was still a lot of destruction being caused during the battle, even though there weren’t any people around.  The destruction during any superhero fight has always bothered me, though.


Anything I wasn’t thrilled about in the movie was partially made better by the fact that I do like this version of Spider-Man/Peter Parker.  Also, this Aunt May didn’t seem agonisingly worried about her nephew.  Finally.

And Martin Freeman was in it (what little screen time he had).  That was just a little icing on the cake for this fangirl.


What’s the last movie you saw in a cinema?


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