Another Dream, More Doctor Who

It’s been a couple of days already, so the entirety of the dream is a bit fuzzy.  Mostly what I remember was near the end.

**Something messy and very dangerous needed to get cleaned up, and I (partly as a character) was the one made to clean it up along with another person whose identity was fuzzy at this point in the dream.  The mess was quickly cleaned up, but we had also become covered in it and needed to wash it off ASAP.  After we washed it all off, the two of us had become River and the Doctor (Smith).  (But we were also sort of me and Hubby.)  We walked each with an arm around the other’s waist, all smiles, and feeling wonderful as if we had just had an amazing time together, when suddenly he collapsed, dying.  I quickly reached my other arm around to catch and hold him, and started screaming for him to stay with me.**

I awoke with a nasty head cold and a fever, so I decided to do nothing but watch my YouTube subscriptions and every Doctor Who minisode.  All I thought about all day was the Doctor and River.  What sucked is that in my dream he was wearing his series seven clothes, but I’m not particularly fond of those episodes; I wanted Amy and Rory.  However, The Name of the Doctor was sufficient for the Doctor/River stuff.  It’s a give-and-take: better hair and clothes, or better episodes?  Haha.

Author: Kuri

Kuri is a nerdy, introverted vegan who moves way too much 😩. She spends her time at the gym, gaming, learning about nutrition, astronomy, and grammar, watching her favourite movies/television, reading, and being an overall fangirl.

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