I Love a Good Cliché

I know, I know… I grew up in school being taught that one should never use a cliché in writing. (Although, there is the obvious exception of a character using a cliché in dialogue.) There was a humourous chart of grammatical no-nos that I never saw until I was a teenager in my grammar teacher’s class. My favourite, and regrettably the only one I remember, was “avoid clichés like the plague.”

Die, evil clichés!

I, on the other hand, love a good cliché. Not necessarily in writing, but definitely when someone says it. (However, there are those which get on my nerves, such as “time is money.” Speaking such words in my presence will get you tar-and-feathered.) Clichés exist because they make sense and therefore people remember them for ages. Slang and parlance shall pass away, but a cliché abideth forever. (I know, I know… “*eyesroll*”…)


Now, what’s all this talk about clichés? The thought of posting a Thanksgiving blog entry had crossed my mind, but then I figured it to be too cliché. I’m thankful every day, not just on a holiday that reminds me to be so.

Nonetheless, I am thankful for many things.


I am thankful for Hubby.  We have helped each other through so much, and we’ve both become better people because of it.  He’s more wonderful than I could have imagined; he’s patient, loving, caring, and strong (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually).  Without him, I have no doubt I would still be a parent-/self-sheltered girl.  We’ve had ups and downs, and it’s all made us better people and a better couple.

I am thankful for my first nuclear family (parents and siblings).  It’s thanks to them that I’m a dorky geek, but also have become a strong woman.  I’m thankful Mum and Dad were a wonderful example of a loving husband and wife, and were (and are) the best at being united in parenting.  I’m thankful for Bro, who was basically my twin growing up (only 17 months apart), and helped me get excited about video games and wrestling.  (Also, without him I may not have met and married Hubby.)  I’m thankful for Sis, my easy scapegoat when she was little, and one of my best friends today.

I’m thankful for Hubby’s first nuclear family.  They helped stick in my mind an example of helping others at whatever cost.  Long day at work?  They will still drive you everywhere you need if your car’s in the shop, and never have a second thought about it.  (There are so many more examples.)  I’m thankful for my sisters-in-law, without whom I would likely have not become interested in fashion as I am today.

I’m thankful for the rest of my family (by blood or “adoption”).  Life would not be this fantastic without them.


I’m thankful for the little (or not-so-little) things.  Making up “movies” in the backyard (stories of double-agents, war, Pokémon, etc.).  Making a fort with couch pillows.  (I believe that was last week…)  The big rubber band fight on my second day of work.  The Skittles I received via interoffice mail.  Puppy asking for attention.  Seeing Son in plays.  Coffee shops.  Books.  Do-nothing days.  Cooking and baking.  Christmas music.  Game nights.  Cuddling (people, pets, teddy bears, books,…).  Children.  Riding bikes.  Board games.

Zombieland. I saw it for the first time yesterday.

To, um, save time? I’ll go ahead and finish in saying that I’m thankful for all things nerdy.  Science fiction, science, movies, books, glasses, YouTube.  A few specifics being Star Trek, Doctor Who, astronomy, physics, vlogbrothers (that might as well encompass it all!).  And though I hate it, I am actually thankful for all forms of social media; through them friends and connections are made which would never have happened otherwise.  I would have far fewer trekkie friends, and would have lost contact with dozens of friends ages ago.

Whether or not you’re in or from America, I hope you take time to think of all the things for which you are thankful.  I promise your day will brighten a bit.

Author: Kuri

Kuri is a nerdy, introverted vegan who moves way too much 😩. She spends her time at the gym, gaming, learning about nutrition, astronomy, and grammar, watching her favourite movies/television, reading, and being an overall fangirl.

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