Voices in My Head

I started writing a blog about this with a back story, but it got to be too long and I hadn’t even arrived at my point for writing it in the first place! So, I’m starting over here, without the back story.


I’ve always loved books, but that love hasn’t always shown itself by me actually, well, reading them. Sometimes I blamed my disinterest in reading on being forced to read in school. Other times I blamed it on my dislike for sitting still for very long or my waning attention span, thanks to technology and our ever increasing fast-paced world. I’d even found a comic on the wall of a book store with a “customer” saying to a clerk, “No, thank you. I don’t actually read books. I just like to be in their presence once in a while.” It described me perfectly.

Wringer audio book cover

One day in the library, when I was about 15, I happened across an audio book copy of Wringer. I’d noticed a few other students reading that book throughout the year, so I figured it must be good. I checked it out and retired to bed early that night to get in some “reading” before I went to sleep. I loved the book. If I remember correctly, I finished the whole thing that night and stayed up even later because I was inspired to write a story (which I finished in one sitting).

That was the first time I’d received a 100% on a book test at that school. I was so happy that I’d found a way to read that got me excited about reading again. To this day, I still remember the first line of the book: “He did not want to be a wringer. That was one of the first things he learned about himself.” I can still hear it in the narrator’s voice.

It really wasn’t an amazing story, at least not when measured by my tastes. It was the fact that it was an audio book. “Reading” was no longer tedious.


After that, with all the assigned reading and what not, I’d forgotten about audio books. More than ten years later, after taking a CD course on WWI from my library, I came across an audio book copy of The Hobbit. Being new to the world of LOTR, and completely in love with the new movie, I was excited to check it out. I also checked out a paperback copy to follow along whenever I wasn’t listening in the car. I loved it! I was so happy to have rediscovered audio books.

Less than a week after finishing The Hobbit, I wandered through the library where I was on holiday and came across The Fault in Our Stars by John Green; the audio book with a signed hardback copy next to it. Being a nerdfighter and fan of vlogbrothers, I’d wanted to read a John Green book for a long time. I finished it in two days.


In the almost two months since I rediscovered audio books I’ve finished reading five (four with audio, one without) and I’m currently working on J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring. Before that, I’d read maybe 2-4 per year! (Not including required reading or group reading; that’s also only novel-length books because most fan fiction and Garfield comic books don’t count.) So, thanks to audio books I’m reading as much as or more than I’ve wanted. Yay!

Author: Kuri

Kuri is a nerdy, introverted vegan who moves way too much 😩. She spends her time at the gym, gaming, learning about nutrition, astronomy, and grammar, watching her favourite movies/television, reading, and being an overall fangirl.

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